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Our nine planted acres of Cabernet Sauvignon are positioned along gently sloping terrain and the valley between Sarco Creek and the famed century-old R.W. Moore “Earthquake Vineyard.”


The property boasts a rich history of grapegrowing, originally planted to vines prior to 1869 and making it home to one of the original vineyard sites in Napa Valley.

Gwen and John Callan designated the vineyard Ferrogiaro to honor John’s four-generation heritage in Napa. John’s great grandmother, Virginia, arrived from Lombardia with her sister, Caterina Carbone.



Ferrogiaro Vineyard is situated in Coombsville, Napa Valley’s newest AVA. Coombsville is tucked up against the foothills of the Vacas Range, topped by Atlas Peak and Mt. George, and flanked by the Napa River and historic Napa town. Most of Coombsville was blanketed by volcanic ash from Mt. George. Alluvial flows covered the ash with layers of rich loams, which drains easily and the ash holds water which the vines can access as the dry growing season progresses.


Coombsville’s mild climate (from its proximity to San Pablo Bay) and consistent temperatures throughout the winter months and frost period extend the growing season and keep the fruit less prone to the heat spikes common in surrounding AVA’s. This longer hang time, along with the unique soil structure, results in a grapegrowing region ideal for slow-ripening Bordeaux varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon.

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